In the enchanting city of New York and the Hollywood Hills the artist collective VALENTYN & SÜNDERMANN was born. This creative collaboration between actor and photographer Noah Valentyn and filmmaker Maarten Sündermann began in 2008 and blossomed in their concept studio. Noah and Maarten are driven by a shared passion for images and storytelling. Together, they spun tales through mixed-media paintings. Their process started with sketches and collaborations with prestigious Brands and Agencies, evolving into playful canvases. Digital production, traditional photography, and design were the ingredients that brought their ideas to life. The result was a collection of works that radiated cinematic romance, elegance, and fun – a celebration of their partnership.

Join our global Artist Collective LCLS. A place where hot creativity brews daily.

Our Philosophy:
A good friend "Gigi" once said:

"Art, it's
But Maybe it’s

It was late at night. But we think she is most certainly right. 

Awards & Recognition for our commercial work:
2023 Berlin Commercial shortlist, Cenomi, Nina Aaldering.
2023 ADCN Creativity Awards, Bronze Winner Cenomi, Nina Aaldering
2023 Shortlist Gerety Awards best Cinematography, Cenomi, Nina Aaldering
2023 2 x CLIO Winner Sliver Victoria, New York
2023 3 x CLIO Bronze, Victoria, New York
2022 GOLD LION, Cannes Festival, Best Film, Victoria, Salomon Ligthelm
2022 Grand Jury Prize, Most Effective Campaign Global Effies, Campaign Victoria,
2022 GOLD, SHOTS Cinematography Victoria, SL
2022 2 x CLIO Winner, Best Film Craft Victoria
2022 4 x The One Show finalist, Victoria
2022 SHOTS The AMERICAS, shortlist Best Direction, Cempachuchil,
2021 2 x Bronze Best Direction, London International Awards, Icnocuicatl
2021 Grand Prix, Festival of Media, Icnocuicatl
2021 AIB 1 x Gold 2x Silver , Icnocuicatl, Victoria
2021 D&AD, Pencil Winner, Victoria Icnocuicatl
2021 Paul McCartney, 12 Days Of Paul, Clio Awards, Best OOH - Capitol Records
2021 One Show, Best Music, Victoria Xibalba, S.Lighthelm
2021 One Show Shortlist, Cinematography, Victoria Icnocuicatl, S.Lighthelm
2021 Clio Awards Shortlist Sound, Xibalba, S.Lighthelm
2020 Ciclope Berlin Shortlist Dragonfly, Fredrik Bond, MJZ/HP
2020 Ciclope Shortlist Icnocuicatl, S.Lighthelm, Victoria
2020 Ciclope Berlin Shortlist Xibalba, S. Lighthelm, Victoria
2020 Vimeo Staff Pick, Xibalba, Salomon Lighthelm, Victoria
2020 DGA Nominee, TVC of the year | Fredrik Bond MJZ/HP Dragonly
2020 Grand Prix Film Craft Xibalba, Círculo Creativo, S.Lighthelm
2020 7 x Gold Film Craft Xibalba Victoria, Círculo Creativo
2020 ONE Show, Bronze HP Dragonfly, MJZ Fredrik Bond
2020 AD Stars Winner Little BB, Silver, Xibalba
2020 Little Black Book, Bronze, Xibalba
2020 Shots winner, Silver TVC of the Year, Victoria Xibalba
2020 Shots Shortlist, TVC of the year, HP Dragonfly
2020 Shots Shortlist, Top TVC of the year, Victoria Xibalba
2020 British Arrow Nominee S. Ligthelm, Victoria
2019 Vimeo Staff Pick Mictlan, S. Lighthelm, Victoria
2019 Gold Effie, Victoria Mictlan, Best Integrated
2019 Gold Effie, Corona's Luck Doesn’t Play
2019 Gold Lion, People Are The Places / Aeroméxico / Google, Mexico
2019 Festival of Media LATAM Campaign of the Year ‘Journey to the Underworld'
2018 Silver, Círculo de Oro, Mictlan, Silver Craft
2018 Silver Círculo de Oro, Corona World Cup, Craft
2018 Gold Effie, Corona's Luck Doesnt Play
2018 MediaMonks, Production company of the Year Mexico
2017 1st place Welcome Amsterdam comm Awards "Check Yourself"
2016 Cinedans Shortlist Nadav Kander, de Bijenkorf
2015 Bronze Esprix, Heineken World Cup
2015 Grand Prix for Interactive, Eurobest Awards s7 Airlines
2012 Cannes Shortlist, Absolut Vodka Issued by Cannes Lions, TBWA/Chiat/Day
2008 MFA Scholarship winner, New York Film Academy by Brett Rather (X-Men, After Sunset, Red Dragon)